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I had no plans of taking tennis lessons until I happened to meet Sunny off the court. His passion for tennis clearly stood out as his whole being lit up when talking about his long and successful career as a tennis pro.

Sunny has endless energy and a contagiously upbeat personality. Needing to make some positive changes in my own life, I decided to try out tennis as an adult beginner.

Courtney C.

Denver, CO

Sunny is an experienced coach with a very positive attitude. A couple of classes in and I already feel more comfortable and improved as a beginner level player.

Definitely looking forward to continuing the journey and recommend to those who haven't tried.

Yixiang D.

From San Francisco, CA

I'm in my late 40's and trying to get into a sport so I can stay active with my kids!! I was a bit apprehensive on taking classes so I searched the Internet and found this place we are booking. It was super easy and simple. My first lesson with Sunny was simply amazing. It was very easy it was no pressure yeah it was challenging at the same time. I'm so excited to continue with lessons, in fact I'm also bringing my kids on the next lesson and we will have a double session. Thank you Sunny!

Jason P.

Pasadena, CA

I went to Sunny with my friend we both took lessons just to get back into shape, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Sunny was great in helping me develop a much wider outlook on the game, at the same time gave me a great workout. The result left me not only a better player, but feeling great too. I would recommend these lessons to anyone who is willing to put in their time with a great coach, you will not be disappointed with the end result. 5 stars!

Nik D.

Los Angeles, CA

Every once in a while when I want to shake things up in life, I sign up for some extra curricular activity. This time it's tennis!

Sunny is such a talented coach. You guys, he is super well educated and teaches tennis because he loves it. He figures out how I can improve and uses hilarious analogies and word play to help me remember what to do.

Thien N.

Pasadena, CA

My 9 year old son asked for tennis lessons and wanted me to join him. Having played competitive tennis through high school and my son having absolutely no experience, I was hesitant that I would be able to find a coach that could accommodate us both at the same time. I must say I was and continue to be amazed with Sunny. He is able to keep both of us fully engaged, making every lesson a positive growing experience. Sports don't come naturally to my son, and having tried at least a dozen different sports and coaches with him losing interest after a week or two I was not hopeful.

Lala M.

Pasadena, CA

Sunny is fun, easy going and motivating coach. I came to Sunny wanting to learn to be good at rallies and get more activity into my lifestyle. I definitely see improvement in my technique. I take classes twice a week and always look forward to our sessions. A typical class includes some footwork, forehand, backhand, rally, volleys or serve practice. I brag to my husband how much my cardio stamina has improved. Reach out to Sunny if you are looking forward to get addicted to tennis!

Viktoria H.

West Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, CA

Our two teenage sons and I have been taking lessons from Sunny for the past 2-3 months. It was the perfect solution for social distancing, an outdoor activity, great cardio and a lot of fun! Our sons picked up Sunny's tips quickly and improved in the course of just a few lessons. In fact, our younger son is enjoying the sport so much and has made sufficient progress that he is thinking about joining the high-school tennis team. Sunny is very patient, even-tempered, positive - a great coach providing a great tennis journey! I highly recommend him!

Mariana B.

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

Sunny is professional and personable. He tailors the lessons to the person, their capabilities and goals. He's diligent and pushes you the way you'd expect a coach to push you in order to achieve specific goals.

He covers skills like forehand, backhand, smashes, volleys and topspin. He's also really good about follow up lessons to ensure that the training doesn't get lost with time.

Amy C.

South Pasadena, CA

I grew up watching tennis but never touched a tennis racket in my life until my first lesson with Sunny.

I have found Sunny to be a professional, patient and just all round fun tennis instructor. Each of my lessons with Sunny are tailored to the me, as an individual, and my respective level. Not to mention, Sunny is so easy going and consistently provides encouragement and support throughout each lesson -- making the lesson fun! Not only have I picked up a new hobby in tennis, but my overall health benefits are apparent after a few lessons -- increased cardiovascular endurance and weight loss:)

Overall, Sunny deserves every one of the 5 possible stars! I highly recommend him for any level of tennis!

Stacy T.

Los Angeles, CA

Been receiving tennis lessons from Sunny. I was a total beginner and Sunny was extremely patient and easy to understand. I'm about ten lessons in and I've definitely seen a vast improvement. Good communication as to scheduling of the lessons and have found him to be accommodating of my schedule. Sunny is upbeat and good use of analogies to help visualize.

Suzanne M.

Sierra Madre, CA

My son is in a local USTA jr tennis league. We wanted some additional one on one training on top of a separate small group lesson with another coach. Sunny teaches with the mindset of how current pros on tour plays, and applies that insight into the lessons. He was able to gauge and cater the lessons to my son's current level.

My son has learned a lot through the past few months, and had requested help in specific areas. With Sunny help, he was able to apply what was learned, in competition, with good success. He also liked how Sunny made the lessons fun and not stressful.

Sunny use of analogies and recaps are also great to be sure there was a mutual understanding of what was taught and learned. If you are looking for a one on one training for a 14&U or younger, Sunny works well with this age group. He is a good coach through and through.

D E.

Alhambra, CA

I contacted Sunny for the first time upon arriving in Pasadena and he was quick in responding to my call regarding Tennis lessons. I found him on the internet. He scheduled my first lesson within 2 days. I play 3 to 5 days a week and have a Tennis coach back home in Minneapolis for years. Sunny is specific in his lessons and I must say that he added 3 big changes to my game that seriously have made me a much better player. Main lesson of playing Open Stance.

This method has made me more consistent and quicker. I look forward to future lessons upon my return to Pasadena. Thank you Sunny.

Guy W.

Hamel, Hamel, MN

Sunny is Absolutely terrific :). He's dedicated to his students, he teaches not only technique but also strategy, and works hard to ensure that you are enjoying yourself while you are learning.

I realized I accidentally hit 4 stars - but he's definitely a 5 star kind of coach!

Jeremy D.

Haverford, PA

Sunny impressed me with his approach to tennis; he really loves the game and is very passionate about it.

Taking tennis lessons from him is a pleasure. He works with your existing technique, tweaks it a bit to make it more effective and smoother. Taking a lesson from him won't leave you bored; he includes lots of hitting and not just talk!

I'm looking forward to taking more lessons from him in future...

Marlene S.

Arcadia, CA

I have taken several lessons with Sunny and think it is about time that I write a review. He is a very passionate instructor, pushing you and also giving space for you to learn and enjoy tennis. Lessons with him are not just about your strokes, but he also gives you input about the kind of racquet that best suites you, point construction, exercises needed to strengthen a specific aspect of your game; in short you get the full package. I highly recommend his lessons to any tennis enthusiast.

Santosh S.

Pasadena, CA

Rates, Location & Schedule

Lessons are exclusively tailored to your personal learning and playing style following a 'white-glove' teaching paradigm, and your no-strings-attached customized introductory lesson is priced at $ 180 only for an hour's PRIVATE session. I never do Group Lessons. Sessions are exclusively 1-on-1. (The only caveat is I do family/close friend lessons with upto 3 more people, tops, no more, the rationale is to make sure you don't get lost in a crowd so as to ensure personalized training for you. I unfortunately can't provide other folks for sessions, these will be your contacts--Please feel free to call me for customized pricing regarding those).

With a private lesson with me, you'll typically learn faster than most other coaches since I'll incorporate fun games and drills, and play hard with you post-theory, unlike other pros who can unfortunately end up becoming human 'ball-machines', also since they're older/not current tournament players.

Location: Courts will be in East Pasadena--Exact location will be texted to you post booking. Schedule: I teach Monday---Saturday, 8 am-10 pm, on an appointment basis exclusively. My spots go fast--so try to provide me at least a 5 days heads-up to book your desired spot... Lesson Prep: Lessons will have all the tennis training equipment you will need, including loaner rackets for the first couple of sessions and can incorporate workout music via strong bluetooth speakers (on request). However, proper tennis shoes are highly recommended for the sessions. You can find a link on it here:. Running shoes are NOT recommended at all since they run the risk of ankle sprains during lateral runs during court drills. If you've already successfully booked a lesson with me, you just need water/electrolyte water, cap/sunscreen/shades for warm days, a light meal/energy bars prior, tennis apparel. Please feel free to advise me of mobility issues, if any, pre-lesson -- and also if there're any specific goals you have in mind ( skillset, cardio, pound-burner, tournament play etc).

Please be counseled full meals pre-lesson can diminish your lesson performance- and runs the risk of retching. Reschedule/Cancel: I have a standard 48 hour cancel policy, else lessons are billed for, and this is typical protocol amongst most top LA tennis pros, but I'm sure you're stoked already, and will be there on court even before me for your appointment. That's it! Please message me if you have any follow-up questions, else I hope you're excited to kick-off.. :)

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