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About Me

About Me

I am a Seasoned Tennis Coach that exclusively provides Tennis Lessons in the BEAUTIFUL cities of Pasadena and Arcadia. In a nutshell, Tennis Lessons are a great way to learn a NEW life-skill, get FIT while having FUN in the sun !

You will learn accurate tennis technique with tips and TRICKS in your tennis classes with your tennis coach, which will help you play sooner rather than later with your bosom tennis friends, who might've been taking tennis lessons for years or been playing at local tennis courts for maybe all their lives.

My name is Sunny . I love Tennis, & everything associated with the game - I'm deeply passionate about it. What first attracted me to tennis as a kid was, it seemed like a very refined & graceful sport, people playing it as it is meant to be played, looked nothing short of artists to me. I took it up with my parents backing, underwent intense coaching, played circuits as a kid and college tennis, was eager to go far in it, but my love of academics took over.
I started coaching as a way of spreading my passion for the game. I've had the good fortune by now of having had a regular stream of students of all ages to pass on my love for the game, having coached for about 20 years now in LA.

Why Sunny ?

I,being younger than your typical tennis instructor,can play hard with you while teaching you, instead of just shouting from the sidelines or feeding you balls like a 'human ball machine'. Of course, being more educated than him, my lessons will be bang on the money in terms of authentic technique, because I'm an avid student of the game of tennis.I bring thoroughness of attention to detail to accurate tennis technique.

Hi Sunny, What do you attribute your coaching success over 15 years to?

Adopting a non cookie- cutter, personalized, white-glove tailored private tennis instruction model coupled with cardio fitness baked into the paradigm- in an MO which is non-micromanagerial, holistic, emotionally engaging but also intellectually stimulating via learning a brand new motor skill-set for beginners. It also proves to be a great way for intermediates and advanceds to get a terrific workout while honing their muscle memory- away from the 'hamster on a wheel' routine of a treadmill, and for folks to get out and have some fun under the sun in a predominantly work from home milieu currently.

What sets me apart?
I’m a young, fit, athletic current LA Men’s Tournament player (have won USTA LA Men's 5.0 Singles Championships,4.5 Championships and participated in Men's Open Tournaments). I'm not simply a ‘human ball- machine ‘ vis-a-vis a majority of LA coaches who’re older and simply teaching pros at this point in their life since they’ve hung up their ‘playing’ boots. I ensure I play hard with each and every one of my clients, including competitive matches – as a learning tool.

Most coaches being older, teach the way they learnt which is now outdated unfortunately the way tennis has evolved, and additionally are ill-equipped to compete. Furthermore, I go above and beyond the call of duty with personalized email feedback, and tailor sessions accordingly. I incorporate plenty of tennis training tools and teaching aids such as agility ladders, medicine balls, target cones, ball machines, music etc. not just ball baskets and hoppers.

Has it been a smooth road?
It has not been always easy. For example, Reschedules and cancellations on clients ends can be a bug-bear, as also rains in a city like LA with almost no indoor facilities. I persist with it because it’s a labor of love for me-it gives me immense satisfaction to teach my enduring passion, and extremely gratifying to see a grin on a student’s face when they finally ‘get’ that down-the-line forehand they’d been angling for, over weeks/months. Teaching is super emotionally rewarding for me. Besides, it keeps me super-fit as well! Otherwise I’d be on the couch after work- growing a beer-belly 😉

A Few of my Achievements

I've been an LA Men's Open Singles Tournament Player for a bunch of years - and still compete at the highest levels across the city.


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